FStop.fm – Models, meet Photographers

We’re building something exciting and we want to share it with you.

FStop.fm is a cool little application that gives you a simple way to meet other artists.  An agent-in-your-pocket.

Take a look – you might like what you see.


It’s as simple as Tinder.  You create a profile, set up your location, upload some pictures, and swipe away.  If you get matched with another artist, you can chat within the app and meet up.



We want to make sure everyone at FStop is having a great time meeting others without any concern for bad actors.  We have Reviews in place to help this, but we didn’t think that was enough.  We took it a few steps further:

  • Profile Reporting.  If someone is treating the site like a dating app or as a way to meet models without any artistic intentions, report them.  We’ll ban them.
  • Photo Reviews.  We have staff working to ensure that inappropriate photos are not uploaded.  Right now this is done biweekly.  As more users join, we’ll scale up.  Let us know if you see anything that you think doesn’t belong.
  • Review reviews.  We make sure Reviews meet a certain quality threshold before giving them our stamp of approval.
  • Phone / Email verification.  Optional but important.
  • ID verification. For the overachievers out there.


Adult Content

Artistic nudity is totally cool on FStop – but we want it to be opt-in.  By default, NSFW content looks like this:



You can opt-in to seeing this content in your Settings.  Ideally, members with sensitive content will set their profile to be NSFW through their Settings.  Just in case they don’t, we have Staff reviewing photo submissions to tag them as needed.  Apologies ahead of time if something slips through the cracks.  You can also report a profile for having NSFW content and the user won’t get in trouble – we’ll just tag it accordingly.


We want to allow users to praise one another for the hard work that goes into collaborating around artistic vision.  We know it’s not easy.

Reviews allow you to do this.  They look like this:



You can chat with users from within the app.  It looks like this:


Thanks to QSteve for letting us grab this screenshot.


We think speed is an essential feature.  We have lots of cool stuff in place under the hood to track the performance of the app and make adjustments where it’s needed.  Let us know if it’s ever unacceptable to you and we’ll get the hamsters running faster.


While we value simplicity, one low-cost, high-value feature we’re working on now is enabling artists to connect with others through mentorship.  Are you a photographer just starting out?  Search for other photographers that are down for mentoring.  Coming soon.


FStop is totally free to use.  We don’t have features hidden behind price tags.  Our plan for sustainability is to allow artists to pay each other through the platform using Stripe.  Keep your eyes open for the official launch of this feature – we’re currently testing it with a small group of beta-testers.

[Update 11/20/2016] – We’ll be offering FStop Plus to unlock full functionality of the FStop app.  We overestimated the number of folks that would be leveraging P2P payments and need to remix our model to stay afloat.  Beta testers will have FStop Plus for life :).

Other Artists

We aren’t just for Models and Photographers.  We also support Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, and Retouchers.  Let us know if you think we should add another type of artist.

In Closing

We hope you like it.  One little tiny disclaimer – FStop is a baby.  She’s growing fast but she does have some learning to do – so please forgive any odd behavior and don’t hesitate to message us either through the app (your first message was from your Relationship Manager) or via contact@fstop.fm with bug findings, questions, or feedback.

For even more details, see www.fstop.fm/howitworks




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  1. Hello Mick, My name is Terry Formyduval and you emailed me about FSTOP. I was deleting emails and deleted yours by mistake because for some reason I had double emails whatever. Could you please email me more information about FSTOP and is this a way to possibly to connect with art collectors? Thanks

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