FStop Enters Public Beta

From Gannon Burgett via DigitalTrends

FStop has officially entered public beta!  

What does this mean?

It means we’re ready for you to use the app and provide feedback as we define what this platform becomes.  We’ve received an incredibly optimistic response from users, right along with some much-needed constructive criticism.  We’re taking this feedback seriously and have already rolled out many changes to the platform as a result – things like international SMS support, international location support, and a faster swiping experience.

It also means that the platform is still not quite flawless.  There are some imperfections that we need to iron out.  Many of these are listed on our task list.

While we do have a lot of cool things to be proud of, we have made some mistakes.  One of these was related to our photo policy.  We tried to institute – and enforce – a rule that requires all photos to display a model.  Our thinking was that the platform is primarily for models and photographers to connect; we thought scenic photos and wedding shots weren’t aligned with this vision and put deviant profiles on hold.

For those users that experienced this “hold” – we apologize.  Reach out to us directly and we’ll make it up to you with some lifetime app benefits.

Stepping back, it’s obvious now that many photographers are just entering the world of model photography and see FStop as an opportunity to network and experiment within that realm.  That’s exactly the type of community we want to foster – one without ego or judgment, without anxiety or overzealous moderation.  We want to incubate creativity and collaboration from all skill levels.


We do think that it’s important to acknowledge those users that are paid professionals seeking to leverage FStop in their line of business.  To that end, we’ve rolled out a “Staff Pick” feature that allows us to highlight those users who we think demonstrate a high level of professionalism.  Note that we do this passively – so a lack of this designation is not an indication that we weren’t impressed.

Note the Staff Pick badge.  You’ll be able to filter for Staff Picks in an upcoming release.

We also think that it’s important to facilitate dead-simple self-moderation within the community to weed out the bad actors, fake profiles, and other questionable folks.  To that end, we have profile reporting tucked beneath user profiles:

Please don’t report Steve! But you should click on the photo to see his profile.

We want to thank everyone who has joined in these early stages for your enthusiasm and patience as we evolve.  We hope that this becomes the go-to platform for people to connect around artistic vision.  To get there, we need your guidance!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us either through the app or via contact@fstop.fm with any feedback.

We’re listening.

If anyone wants to beta test the P2p Payments feature or the iPhone App in exchange for some lifetime app benefits, let us know.

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