Lauren Tolat – Model Pharmacist

Say hello to Lauren :


Where are you from?

I’m from a suburb of Houston, Texas called the Woodlands. I moved downtown to the city as soon as I finished high school. Rarely do I venture back to the demure, calm nature of suburbia; I really enjoy the fast-paced nature of being in the city. Lots of people, lots of movement, and always something to do or see.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

New York City, hands down! I’ve always had a fascination for that place and how it makes me feel amazing when I’m there. Everyone there has such an interesting story to tell and the kaleidoscope of lights and attractions never dulls me. I went there recently on my own to explore and visit some friends/family, and it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I was intimidated by the city for so long: it’s so big with so many people and I honestly thought I wasn’t bold enough or brave enough to take on any part of it. But that certainly changed as I was there, and there was a point during my stay where I just thought, “I’m ready.” Now I can confidently look back and say I found my womanhood in the entire experience, and I am confident and brave enough to take on any city on my own.




What’s on your “bucket list” of ideas to create?

I want to do something innovative within my field that combines my passion for medicine with my passion for a healthy lifestyle. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Andrew Weil and his insight into alternative medicine: he’s the founder of the True Food Kitchen chain and the kingpin of his own “health guide,” which he dubs as “the anti-inflammatory diet and pyramid.” I think that’s really creative to go beyond the scope of your profession to create something that other people can participate in. He essentially created a mini-culture that he gets to talk about within his scope of practice, too!


You’re also obtaining your PharmD – how do you manage to balance such rigorous studies with modeling?

Yes, it’s all about balance! I make sure that I keep up with my studies on a daily basis so I never fall behind. I’m keen on managing my time, so I make sure I prioritize what needs to be done before I do anything leisurely. It’s nice to have other things going on aside from studying and school so that whenever I need a mental break from the rigor of it, I have another outlet I can just resort to. I’m a firm believer that it’s what you do on a consistent basis that defines you: so putting in the work each day instead of piling it all up last minute is so much more effective and enables you to do other things with the time you save from not procrastinating.


What is your fitness routine?

I weight train about three to four days a week and do yoga (I teach a yoga class every Saturday morning)! My workouts are usually 30 mins to an hour long, and they usually involve high-intensity circuits where some plyometrics or interval training is involved. I love changing up my regimen every now and then because it continues to give me results and keeps things always exciting!




What’s your most memorable modeling experience?

Probably shooting for the Six02 Women’s Line because I love their message for women to be active and healthy. I also loved working with ONNIt Academy in Austin, Texas because they are such a unique leader in the fitness community. Besides, who doesn’t love wearing comfortable workout clothes for hours to shoot in? Beats anything else. 😉




What do you value in others?

Ambition. It shouldn’t ever stop.


What do you like to do for fun?

Nothing beats going to my local coffee spot and reading a good book. I also love anything outdoorsy, so you’ll probably find me out and about because nothing beats being outside during good weather!




Who’s your biggest hero in your life?

My parents – they made the biggest sacrifices in raising both me and my brother and supporting us while we pursue our education/careers. They’ve been with me through everything in my life – tough times and great times, and they’ve supported me endlessly no matter what. They’re also such positive examples for me to look up to as I finish up my schooling.


What’s one of your biggest fears?

Real fears: heights, deep water, the unknown… Even more real fear: Living for the approval of others.


What’s something nobody knows about you that you’d like to share?

I’m actually pretty shy…nobody really picks up on that readily. But, yes, I’m a bit shy, so it takes me a while to warm up to people even though it doesn’t seem like it.



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Instagram: @ltolat

Lauren, thanks so much for taking the time to interview with us!

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