Egith van Dinther – Equestrian to International Model

Say hello to Egith :


Where are you from?  Where have you been?

I’m originally from Holland, but I haven’t lived in the Netherlands for more than six years. My first international job was in Paris. I did a fashion show for the Italian Designer, Pasqual Morlando. It’s still one of my favorite shows. He is a great designer. Paris was soon followed by London, Milan, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Antwerp, New York, and Los Angeles.


What’s your favorite place in the world?

My best memories are from the time I spent modeling in Milan. Italy is my favorite country in the world. That country has everything: fashion, nature, culture, and food. Everything about Italy is magical for me.

During my modeling period, I had an amazing time in Milan. I made my best Aussie Friends there. We still keep in contact, so whoever says models can’t be friends with each other is wrong. I was lucky to always have the right people around me.





What’s on your “bucket list” of ideas to create?

I’m actually working really hard on that bucket list. My dream has always been to launch my own fashion brand, and it all comes together next summer. Since I’ve been living in LA, my passion for a healthy lifestyle has grown. In LA, everyone walks around in their athletic wear. I realized that this was my chance – I’m now designing my own sportswear. Keep an eye out for my designs! 

In addition to modeling, you also design and blog – tell us about those aspects of your career.

My passion for blogging came from when I was an intern in Dubai. I was designing and styling the promoters of Philip Morris. Together, with one of my colleagues, we started She took all of my pictures and I put all of the outfits together. We had a blast, but a blog is a lot of work. Other things like my fashion line have priority now.


Tell us about your career.  How did you get into it?

I was discovered when I was 15. I’ve always been a horse girl. But, being a model was definitely a dream of mine. When friends of mine needed a model for their brochure, I took my chance. The pictures turned out amazing and soon after this, I was asked to participate in the Elite Model Look. I ended up in the top 5. The rest is history. Before I knew it, I was flying to Paris for my first fashion shows.



What are some of your favorite pictures of yourself?

This was taken by Chris Allerton. We shot a campaign for Ralph Lauren together. It brings back great memories because I felt so honored to work for a great brand such as Ralph Lauren.

I’ve always seen myself as a RL girl, but actually being one was a dream come true. I walked several fashion shows for Ralph Lauren and did two campaigns. This one is definitely my favorite.

Do you have any projects you’d like to show off?

I don’t like to stand still, so I’m always moving on to the next thing. I know modeling is not forever, so I’m really busy with my own real estate business. I also have my own fashion line that is coming up next summer. Above that, I’m following the Condé Nast College in London. There, I study everything you should know about fashion in the Vogue house.


Modeling is very competitive.  How do you stand out?

I think my biggest strength is always being positive – nobody can beat my smile. I think a good attitude about work has brought me very far. I might not have always been the typical top-model, but because of the right attitude, I made it this far.


What’s been the most challenging part of modeling, and how did you overcome those challenges?

I guess being a model in the U.S. isn’t as easy as it looks. The Americans don’t let you in that easily. I’ve been working really hard to get my O1 visa – it has been a struggle. You have to have an impressive portfolio and have several recommendation letters of important people in the fashion industry. Also, being signed with a good agency is required. Thank god I was lucky enough to be signed with Otto Models as well as with L.A. models, one of the best agencies in L.A.  It does make you realize how far you have come in your career. Seeing all of your publications in one list is amazing –  your life flashes by. My sponsor and I worked very hard on it, and getting it was an amazing feeling. I think it’s good that America doesn’t let everybody in that easily. Only the strong ones survive, and I’m happy that I can call myself one of them.


What was your most memorable photoshoot?

I have two photoshoots that I’m really proud of. They are both for the company, Inhale Health. We shot a new product called VitaminVapor. VitaminVapor is a lab verified inhalable multivitamin. Something that really suits me considering my healthy lifestyle. The first shoot we did was on a helicopter pad in LA. That picture hangs on Beverly Drive right now. The second shoot we did with the same team was in a mansion in the Pacific Palisades Hills. This location was also used for one of Lady Gaga’s videoclips. It is an amazing spot where we took one of my favorites pictures. My list of most memorable photoshoots will keep expanding.


What do you like most about modeling?

Probably the diversity. Every day is different. You also meet new people every day. In my industry, you especially meet interesting people – they are always creative and into the next, new thing. It’s so cool to work with people that have passion and help you grow.


Who’s your biggest hero in your life?

My biggest hero in my life is my mother. She is truly the rock in my life. I admire her – the way she is, how strong she is, and the way she handles every situation. I hope one day I will be just as good as her.


Which current fashion trend do you wish was gone forever?

It’s not particular a fashion trend, but a style that people have in LA. I remember the first week when I arrived in LA – everybody was wearing BLACK! And don’t get me wrong, I like black, but not in summer time. I’m a girly girl – I love white and pink, especially in the heat of the sun. So if it was up to me, I would like a little less black and a little more flair.



What is the most life-changing event that you’ve experienced?

Every year, there are life changing moments in your life. But I think this year, 2016, was particularly special because I could attend a few Hollywood red carpet events. Being in the spotlight and being among the stars gives you a shine that nobody can take away from you.

Check out one of my red carpet events:





What was the happiest day of your life?

I feel happy every day. The moment that I stand up, I feel blessed because I  am alive, healthy, and I have an amazing lifestyle. Just the most simple things in life give me joy: my morning workouts, fresh raspberries, the sun burning on my skin, MUSIC that touches my soul, and of course, dancing until there is no tomorrow. Those things truly make me HAPPY.


For anyone that wants to get in touch with Egith, here’s some contact information:

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Egith, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and work! 🙂

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