Matthias Leidinger – Merging of the Old and New

When he’s not in school, Matthias is wandering the streets of his hometown in Vienna. With camera in hand and a penchant for architecture, he captures the beauty of the historical buildings with a fresh and urban take. Check out this talented artist below.

Say hello to Matthias:


Where are you from?  Where have you been?

I’m from Vienna, Austria, so I’ve been to many European countries like Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and so on. This summer, I visited the United States for the first time, and it blew my mind. I had always wanted to go to New York, so that was a dream come true for me.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

Vienna. This city just holds something special to me that I can’t describe – it’s a beautiful city and I always discover something new that I haven’t seen before. A good example is this little church, which I came across like a hundred times, but I never really realised it was there.


How would you describe your visual style?

As my main subject is architecture, I like to focus on the leading lines and symmetry. Sometimes, I add people walking through the scene to have some movement in the shot. Another very important part of my style is my editing – I prefer images with a very high contrast and almost no colors.

How do you find your inspiration?

I get inspired by the great photographers I’m following on Instagram; there are so many talented people out there and Instagram is definitely the best tool to connect with them and inspire each other. The most inspiration I get through the work of my three favorite photographers, Jason Peterson, Insighting, and Fan Ho.

You work with NSE Urban – tell us more about that project.

This project is mostly about inspiration, as well. It’s part of the “Never Stop Exploring” Project, which was founded by norcal_exp, who is now a friend of mine. He created a few pages (NSE Sight, NSE Dusk, NSE Wilderness, and NSE Urban) with the goal to present the best work from each genre. I’m responsible for NSE Urban, and I really enjoy showing off my love for urban photography and inspiring other people through it.

What types of photography do you do?

Primarily architecture and street photography – I love both.

What was the moment you decided to become a photographer?

I’m still going to school, so it’s not my career yet. However, I think it was when I picked up a DSLR for the first time, I immediately felt inspired to create.

Of the photos you’ve taken – what are your three favorites?

This was taken in Vienna’s Palace of Justice. I just love the lines and shapes.

One day, I walked through Vienna for seven hours, and I was really exhausted by the time I came to this spot, but it was worth it.

This shot brings me back to my time in NY. I love the composition.

Photography is competitive.  How do you stand out?

Nowadays, urban photography is a very American genre, especially of what is portrayed on Instagram – skyscrapers and all that stuff. I do urban photography too, but I’m combining it with the elegance of Vienna’s old and classic architecture.

What’s the best advice you can think of for someone just starting in photography?

Shoot everyday and just train as much as possible – you’ll see the progress very soon.

If you could photograph anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Good question – I think it would be New York or Hong Kong in the 1960s, because I’d love to capture the vibes of that time period.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to being a great photographer?

I think you just have to have the eye for it. Of course, training is the most important part if you want to become a great photographer, but if you aren’t talented, it won’t work.

What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back in your photography?

Time. I’m still going to school, so I can only typically shoot on the weekends.

What’s the most inspiring photo you’ve ever seen?

This was taken by Fan Ho in the 1950s – it’s one of the best photos I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he passed away this summer.

What’s one post-processing tip you’d like to share with other photographers?

Invest time and effort – be a perfectionist.

What’s something no one knows about you that you’d like to share?

Most people don’t know I’m only 15.

What will you be doing five years from now?

Hopefully, I’ll be traveling and shooting, maybe in Hong Kong or Singapore.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

Traveling to Asia, that’s definitely a huge point on my bucket list.

For anyone that wants to get in touch with Matthias, here’s some contact information:

FStop: Profile

Instagram: @framedstreets

Matthias, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! You’re a preeminent talent and we’re excited for your future works! 🙂

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