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Where are you from?

My name is Poet and I’m from San Bernardino, California.

How do you find inspiration for your music?

I find inspiration for my music through expression. Musically, my approach involves me creating an atmospheric sound that expresses an idea or emotion. And lyrically, I try to paint the picture from how the song will sound to guide people through the song. I try to match my lyrics with the mood of the production.

Was there a particular artist who inspired you to pursue this field in the arts?

It’s difficult for me to say one particular artist that has inspired me, because Hip Hop brings in a lot of different perspectives that are all equally great. The one thing that inspired me for art in general is the fact that if you obtain a vision for what you wanna do with that art, you are in control of the outcome, which means you can obtain it through dedication. People tend to think that just because your outlook on life doesn’t match up with anyone else, that makes your vision wrong. People have the right to build up there own opinions and goals, and accomplish them and share them with the world, and I think Hip Hop is a great example of that. Different artists with different perspectives, but at the same time, they’re all connected to one goal, which is to make good music.

What response do you hope to evoke to the listeners of your music?

I’m trying to evoke my listeners to feel free to express themselves, however they feel. Everyone on this planet has a unique thought, but is afraid to express it because they don’t wanna be wrong. Through my music, I’m trying to prove that there is no right or wrong in art. You express how you feel about a subject, put it on display for others, and they will have their opinions. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong in what you make, because it is what it is, which is art.

Tell us about your career. How did you get into it?

After high school, I began to pursue music because I wanted to create an identity for myself. Throughout my high school years, I was insecure and afraid to be myself, but music became the avenue of freedom for me. I’m hoping that my career will be an example to others in that state. If you ignore the outside noise and stay focused on your path, you can accomplish many goals. At the same time though, I realize this life isn’t for everyone, and if I’m not able to “make it,” then at least I can say I did it and made some sort of an impact along the way.

The music industry is competitive how do you stand out?

I stand out in the industry because I know there isn’t an artist like me, and there will never be an artist like me. I bring a unique sound to music, and because I made it, no one else can duplicate it.

What was your most life-changing moment?

My life-changing moment came to me when I got into a car accident. It was that moment I realized I am not in control of everything. But what is in my control is the effort that I put into my work ethic and my life. The fact that I’m here today is a blessing and shows that I have a purpose, and I believe that purpose is affecting the music industry in a positive way.

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Poet, thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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