Raf De La Ghetto – Visionary

Say hello to Raf :


Where are you from?  Where have you been?

My name is Raf De La Ghetto and I reside in the city of Philadelphia, PA. My traveling experience is limited to only the southern states of the United States.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite places in the world are quiet spots that I can find to meditate and remove my spirit from the outside world.

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be to curate a huge art show with A$AP Mob and Tyler The Creator.

How do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration through my Heavenly Father who created me, music, and the environment I grew up in. My favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Prince, so growing up with their music taught me almost everything I know about using the gift that my Heavenly Father gave me to use for His purpose. My most in-depth paintings stem from  meditation and remembering the visions I see in my dream sequences.


Do you get inspiration blocks? If so, how do you overcome them?

I get inspiration blocks almost daily. Mostly because I am constantly thinking of a “already finished” canvas in my head, then I see something in the streets where I’ll say “woah…that’s some dope shit I’ll use that, that, and that…” The canvas then takes on a new form in my head…it’s weird how my brain works, honestly.

What is your background?

I am your typical young black male from the hood with a shitload of creativity that cannot be stopped.

What mediums do you work with most frequently?

I normally use acrylic, oil, and spraypaint.


Out of your works, which one are most proud of?

I am most proud of this canvas my brother and I are creating…I call it “The Battle,” and unfortunately, the painting cannot be shown at this time…that’s how dope it is…. (sorry fans)

What impact do you hope your work leaves on society?

The impact my work will leave on society will be that I was one of the soldiers for the Most High God that He used for His purpose on Earth.

What was the most memorable response to your work?

Almost a year ago, my team and I met A$AP MOB. Fortunately, we had a brief conversation with them and they told us, “we fuck with yall heavy, keep it the fuck goin, yall gonna make it.” Ever since that day everything, changed for the better.

What themes do you explore in your work?

My work is very nontraditional. I’ve grown very tired of seeing the same style of just painting a cartoon on a canvas and let it be that. My work comes from my head and my dreams, so I let my mind do the hard work of coming up with a new painting then I let my creator work through me.


Professionally, where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

The team and myself will be the face of the art world in Philadelphia.

What challenges do you face in your work currently?

Staying in sync with myself and my team.

What is your most life-changing event?

I was involved in a “near-fatal” car accident my freshman year of college at Delaware State University. Lucky, I recovered completely after a year and a few months.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

Travel to London, I’ll do that eventually.

For anyone that wants to get in touch with Raf, here’s some contact information:

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Instagram: @rafxart

Tumblr: Page

Raf, thanks for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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