Yoshi Park

Say hello to Yoshi :


Where are you from?  

The Philippines.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

Seoul, Korea – I am a huge fan of Korean streetwear style, culture, hip-hop, and of course, KPOP. Sadly, I have not been there yet, but I have big plans for 2017.

What’s on your “bucket list” of ideas to create?

  1. Travel to Seoul and Tokyo to experience their culture and street fashion.
  2. Travel to Budapest – I remember watching the Korean drama “IRIS” and there was one scene where they visited Budapest – I fell in love right away and told myself I will go there someday.
  3. Make my own clothing line – I am planning to launch my own streetwear clothing line.
  4. Buy my parents a big house.
  5. Buy myself a pair of Yeezy – I really want to buy a pair of Yeezy, sadly, I can not afford it yet.
  6. Become a successful YouTuber – since I am into gaming, I want to start my own YouTube channel for gaming reviews, gameplay, and vlogging.
  7. Meet Emily Mei – she is very famous on Instagram (@emilythemermaid) – I have a big crush on her.
  8. Become a successful sneaker head – so far, I only have seven sneakers.
  9. Become a successful model in Korea.

Tell us about your career.  How did you get into it?

I graduated at the age of 19, with a Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication with specialization in Advertising. I graduated last 2015 – after my graduation, I immediately applied to a Gaming company. Sadly, I was not able to get my dream job. Right now, I am currently working with the Forever 21 customer service department, I really enjoy this job because I am able to communicate with LOTS of people every day. Basically what I do is track orders from our customers and provide them with some information. I am also a chat stylist at Forever 21.

What’s your favorite picture of yourself? 

Since I am a huge fan of Korean street culture, I tried my very best to bring out the vibe in this picture.


Tell us about your upcoming clothing line. What inspired this?

I was hooked into streetwear style at the age of 14 – I was watching a lot of skateboarding videos and that sparked my love for streetstyle. For my upcoming clothing line, I already have some designs ready for printing – I have come up with some marketing strategy, currently focusing on kpop and streetstyle. Since I majored in Advertising, I believe it will be a success.

Modeling is very competitive.  How do you stand out?

By being myself and focusing on what I have, rather than what I do not have.

What is the best thing a photographer can do to bring out your personality?

Have a chat before the shoot, have a meeting so we can lessen awkwardness, or through other ways like playing the music of my choice during the shoot.

What do you want people to remember about you after a shoot?

That I am very easy to work with, I can be a team player, and I can develop my weak points if ever. Also, I want them to remember I am flexible, but I still have my own style.

Who’s your biggest hero in your life and why?

My biggest hero would probably be my dad. My dad would do anything for me and my family – he wants to be very involved and to always be part of our lives. In the many opportunities he could have achieved abroad, he chose to stay with us.

What’s one of your biggest fears?

Oblivion – just close your eyes and imagine what life would be if it is just total darkness?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I don’t think there is anything I want to change about myself – however, there is always room for improvement. I think if I changed something I didn’t like about myself, I would not be challenged to face every problem that I encounter in my life.

What’s your greatest achievement, and how has it shaped you?

My greatest achievement is dancing for five years in KPOP. We have this thing here in the Philippines where you would cover a certain Kpop boy band and dance to their songs – I did that for five years even though I was not able to win a single competition, it was all fine as I was able to inspire and express myself through dancing. And this, by far is my greatest achievement in my life.

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Instagram: @rx003

Yoshi, thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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