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A makeup artist extraordinaire, one would be surprised to hear that Táta is self-taught and that she came across the career path serendipitously. Her sheer passion, innovative vision, and resilience have contributed to her continued success in the industry. Check out her story below. 

Say hello to Táta :


Where are you from?  Where have you been?

I was born in New York, but I never got to really enjoy life as a New Yorker to the fullest. My mother is from Brazil and my father was German – because of that rich heritage, we ended up in many different spots, both in Brazil and in America. My dad also got me to start traveling on my own at a young age – by 15, I was already going overseas to Europe with friends of the family. I believe that I am pretty lucky to be 32 and already know half of Brazil, many corners of the United States, Germany, France, and Spain. I love it! I desire and need to see more!

What’s your favorite place in the world?

This may sound strange, but my favorite place is still to come. My life has been filled with trauma, family problems, and abuse. But I do have a life goal – that is to someday have a home in the middle of a forest-like place. A cabin, really. The perfect set up would be to live somewhere that was at least 30 minutes to an hour away from the city – I still am a very urban person! I imagine something like the photo below – I found this image on Google. Combine that with what I’ve seen in Europe at those farm-like, old houses made of stone and wood. I cannot wait to get to this! Lots of room to create, paint, build, enjoy, and relax. Can you imagine gathering your friends at such a place? Perfection!


What’s on your “bucket list” of ideas to create?

At some point, I will have to get my hands on some sort of production similar to Mad Max, Star Wars, or Alice in Wonderland. Getting to develop and give life to characters so filled with color, shape, details, and reasons…it will be such a delight!

Tell us about your career. How did you get into it?

My career began almost by accident. I am a self-taught professional for the most part – whatever training I got from a professional was when I was about 14 years old and my mother had enrolled me in a modeling course. I was a very heavy set girl, and back then, plus size modeling was not an option. So the people who were teaching the girls kind of took me in. Later on at 29, while working with a photographer in Brazil, he was left empty handed at the very last hour on the night before this big project! I mean, we were set to start shooting the video and photography at 7 or 8 am and it was around midnight when this guys texts him saying he had messed up his agenda and had double-booked for the next day and would not be able to work with us. This guy went on to turn off his phone and log off of all social media! So, I told the photographer that I’d do it. He had no other choice. It got done, it came out beautifully, it was a success, and it even went on to be screened at Cannes – this gorgeous fashion film! After that, he was like “yeah, you have got to do this professionally,” and I never stopped or looked back. I thank him every time I see him for turning me onto my biggest passion.

What is your number one beauty/makeup tip?

My number one tip is: do not skip the primer! I know you will find every excuse in the book to skip cleaning, toning, and just rush through it for the day. So at the very least, don’t skip the primer! It will help keep your makeup throughout the day and will protect your skin.

What types of makeup artistry do you do?

Hardest question so far! I love, love, love creating artistic numbers. It’s almost therapeutic, but at the same time, I rock the natural look. I just love showing the ladies how beautiful they really are and get them to walk away with their head held high and an extra spring in their step.

What three makeup products do you always have in your bag?

There is no living without mascara, blush, and a couple of lipsticks – a nude and a deep red. That way, I can go from day to night with no problems.

Do you have any projects you’d like to show off?

Yes! There are a few favorites, but there are two that I absolutely go nuts over!

The first one was shot in a small gray bedroom, on a Thursday night. My husband and I really wanted to create something together to show our capabilities, so we chose to pay homage to the 60s show, Dark Shadows. There was no proper lighting, and I didn’t even own the correct products for such production, but we made it! I was also the model for it – makes me laugh to this day!


My other darlings were shot by a photographer who was passing by and wanted to collaborate with a local makeup artist.



What challenges do you currently face in your career?

I live in a very closed up community. Porto Alegre is this capital that is not at all like a capital. It works like a closed off, small town in the country – those are my husband’s words, and he is a native! It’s really odd. People here are very difficult to open up to new things and makeup artists are a very new thing! Also, I want to be able to work with makeup every day, all of the time, exclusively. I need to draw some attention, but I must be careful to draw the right kind of attention. It’s hard when you are not part of the YouTuber rage, but I trust my talents and capabilities. It will happen when the time is right and the right people will find me.

Where do you hope to see your career in the next five years?

I want to be traveling everywhere for work. I want to be main stage at IMATS, to have a strong brand collaboration, educate, create, trade…I want to do makeup everyday! I go to sleep with ideas, colors, textures, thoughts at night. It’s a part of me.

What’s the most memorable project you’ve participated in?

It was definitely a music video shot for Daydream XI, a metal prog band from Brazil. We shot over the period of two days in this old oil ship that was ported in town – so cool! Also, I got to sign the concept art for the ballerina/dancer who was a direct representation of the song lyrics and storytelling. When she came out, everyone was applauding – the director and everyone else did not expect something so accurate and detailed. It was perfect!



What celebrity would you like to work with?

You know what? I can honestly tell you I haven’t thought about it. Difficult to say, there are many different styles out there, and I do enjoy switching things around every once in awhile. All I know is that I am up for challenges – film, photography, theatre…bring it all on!

Who do you want to give a shoutout to?

Definite shout out to the Chanel Maison, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen…I definitely have a flare for the dramatic feminine chic silhouette.

What beauty trend do you wish would make a comeback?

Everything is so free and creative nowadays – I can’t say I miss much. But it has been a while since someone came out with a great beauty mark – remember those?

Which beauty trend do you wish was gone forever?

Heavy contouring and heavy eyebrows in a thick, harsh shape! Done with those already.

What is the most life-changing event that you’ve experienced?

My life was very traumatic, overall. But lately, the more freeing experience I’ve had was turning away from blood relatives, including my mother. I chose to stay by my husband’s side. I was never really part of the family, and I was always doing things for my mother, looking for her approval, solving her problems. Arthur (my husband) is my best friend who keeps pushing me to live my dreams – he pushes me to find my own voice and stands by my side. My hero.

What’s your greatest failure, and how did you overcome it?

I overcome things everyday! Really, for the past eight years, it has all been about getting me to discover me. So hard, so gruesome at times, and also so uplifting, so empowering. Since I’ve dropped over 150lbs, quit smoking, took a chance in opening my own business, got married, lost money, made money, cried my heart out and laughed until I had fallen from the sofa. I have battled anxiety and depression, realised things I’ve done wrong and things I misunderstood…and then there was makeup and my work as an artist, and everything began to fall to into place!

What’s your greatest achievement, and how has it shaped you?

I began working professionally for the past three years. I have now started to make a name for myself in a very difficult market place. I did not get to have any partnerships – no one would touch me as a newbie. The most support I got was from the photographer who got me started – everything he could send my way, he did so! I am thankful for each click of his camera. My husband, who is a photography editor/retoucher, also helped get me jobs. Now, I have my own private clients who will not turn away and brands are starting to inquire and send out feelers. I love it! This made me trust myself and grow.

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Táta, thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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