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At a young age, Abby’s father sparked her interest in photography. Through their shared passion, they grew together and created lasting memories. And although her father recently passed, Abby’s passion lives on, and she continues to create through the art form he taught her. Check out her story below.

Say hello to Abby:

Photo Credit: Kirsi

Where are you from?  Where have you been?

I grew up back and forth between Laughlin, NV and Weldon, CA, and as of three years ago, I’ve been residing in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve been to Germany, France, Mexico, and all over the United States.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

New York City takes the cake for me as my favorite city. Although I’m a gal who enjoys being home mostly, I would still go to NYC at the drop of a hat, anytime! It’s so photogenic – from the artists on the streets, the street style, architecture, tourist must see spots, Central Park, all the way to the food. It was a place that I just couldn’t get enough of!



How do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration to me is everywhere; new and familiar faces, the way the sun is shining through a window, fashion magazines, Pinterest (haha), the places I travel to, and all over the city of Vegas (it’s such a vastly different place, depending on which side of town you’re on). So I try to soak it all in, and go from there when I’m planning and executing a photo shoot.

Do you get photographer’s block? If so, how do you overcome that?

I’ve definitely experienced photographer’s block a time or two. And I just embrace it really, let it take its course. I don’t try to force myself to take pictures or edit anything until I’m really feeling the creative spark again. Otherwise, I tend to create works that I don’t absolutely love or want to share. So it’s worth riding it out in the end.

Your interest in photography was galvanized by your father – tell us more about that.

My dad always had a camera around his neck as far back as I can remember, and he was always taking pictures of people, places and things that he cherished. So naturally I began too as well, although I was always borrowing his camera growing up. So one day, he decided to give me my very own camera to start with when I was thirteen, and I never really put a camera down since. After I graduated high school, I was his assistant alongside my stepmom when he photographed weddings in order to gain experience. He taught me so much about life, and how it translates to photography. “Always look for the light,” he would say. Memories and photos are all I have left of my dad since he passed away last year, but I will always cherish what he taught me. Photography was something we always shared an interest in – we could always bounce ideas off of each other, ask for editing tips, and simply just share new photos we took, because we always knew that we were big fans of each other and the photos we created.

What types of photography do you do?

Portrait photography has been my main gig over the years, but I’ve shot a handful of weddings, family photos, graduation pictures, and couples as well. As long as there’s a person in my shot, it’s my favorite type of photography. But that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a landscape shot or city scene every once in a while.

Of the photos you’ve taken, which three are your favorite? 

My very favorite photo is of my husband and our daughter as we explored Mount Charleston last summer. Her favorite place to be is on his shoulders, and I love capturing it.

My second favorite photo is of my best friend Kelsey and her husband, amid the desert in Las Vegas. Our plans changed so much that day, but we still managed to get some shots taken.

And my third favorite is of my dad and my daughter. The time they shared together was short, so I hold onto the pictures and memories as tightly as he held his granddaughter.

Photography is competitive.  How do you stand out?

Because most everyone has access to a camera nowadays, it makes it challenging to stand out, but not impossible. I learned from my husband that if I just create my best work and share it, people will notice. So far, I’ve found that it’s true.

What’s the best advice you can think of for someone just starting in photography?

The only advice I think I would give, would be to “never give up!” It’s important to keep working at something you’re passionate about. In most cases, you’re not the best you can be overnight – it takes work, research, trial and error, and a lot of persistence. So just don’t stop taking pictures, as long as you love it!

Do you have any projects you’d like to show off?

Yes I do! Here are some pictures I’ve taken to keep getting better at my craft. Practice makes perfect right?




My daughter, Emma.







What is your most life-changing event?

Meeting my husband and bringing our daughter into this world almost 2 ½ years ago definitely changed my life, in only the most beautiful ways. It has allowed me to slow down, and really look at the world around us and reevaluate what is important.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

I have always dreamed of volunteering in another country. My heart longs to help others.

For anyone who wants to get in touch with Abby, here’s some contact information:

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Abby, thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Abby Ward – Capturing Faces

  1. Abby I love what you shared about your father saying to “Always look for the light”. The light we seek out to get the best photo is very much like the light we seek to see the best in people. I loved him very much and love you dearly. It is great seeing his passion alive in you!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring! Hoping you will always look for the light and enjoy the passion you have for photography that you so naturally have come by.

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