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Say hello to Madison :


Where are you from?  Where have you been?

Born and raised in New Jersey, while moving in Silence around the Tampa area.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place would have to be Manhattan, New York. You can really catch some neat and unique things in the subway tunnels – there’s always something to see, so don’t blink or you might miss the sighting of your life. The differences between New York and Tampa always amazes me. The people, the food, hell even the water, apparently. I often find myself switching the personalities between the two as well.




What’s on your “bucket list” of ideas to create?

Foremost, movies – I feel because of my visionary imagination, I could really make an impact in the box office market and the inspirational ideas of other creatives. I’d love to have at least worked with a few number of the legendary craftsmen on collaborative projects such as Kanye West, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kid Art, Wolf NY, Bodega, KITH, and Nike – these are only the few I’ll bore you with, I’m sure.

How do you define style?

Style has to do with your current sense of mind state. How do you want to be perceived and how do you coordinate that? What effort to detail do you put in to coordinate that? Style to me is an observance of detail to identify who you are, what you’ve been through, and how that affects you externally… maybe even internally. It’s your uniform and identity – wear it and represent it.



What was the inspiration behind starting Move N Silence?

I was coming to the end of my senior year in high school when one day I woke up like,”damn I need to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.” I figured I should at least do something I enjoyed, so with apparel and design being my interests, I decided to fuse the two. I’ve always been a minor fanatic of a well-planned, silent execution – whether it’s through movies or strategy. Move N Silence is the definition of silent success and execution.



Who is responsible for the designs?

I usually handle most of the designs while working with a team of designers during tweaks and minor changes.

How do you find inspiration for your designs?

Usually, anywhere and everywhere. I’m always thinking of a better way to improve the brand. As soon as I see something I like or catches my eye, I try to apply it to the brand’s lifestyle.

Who is the Move N Silence wearer?

The MNS wearer is someone intelligent enough to know what they’re wearing and what for. Move N Silence is for those who hustle in their own way, whatever that may be. Our hustle evolves past our history. Therefore, our hustle is forever timeless.




Tell us about your career.  How did you get into it?

I remember the brand Crooks & Castles ® really inspired me with the type of work they were doing. They had one of my favorite rap artists, Nas, representing them hard. I wanted that same love from someone I grew up and was influenced by.

What are your favorite photos from your lookbooks?

Smoov Wooz

Justin Anthony


Do you have any projects you’d like to show off?

All of the new projects and designs coming out are still being developed with the team. Plus, we wouldn’t be representing our name very well if we gave too much out. But just know it will be very lucrative. All I can say is, we like doing things in a conscious matter.

How does Move N Silence stand out from other streetwear brands?

I feel like the look is different in itself, which means the people wearing it will be diverse as well. It’s a piece that makes you stop and think… what is that? What does it mean? I feel our brand is a landmark to show how you represent your own personal boss status and sophistication. The mysterious look blends well with the name, which makes the brand stand out.


What’s been the most challenging aspect of this venture?

Keeping it consistent is always going to be that hard barrier to get over. Even when you love it, sometimes going back to something you started or getting yourself in that mood to create again is something that constantly challenges me the most. But the goal is to keep going until it becomes a habit of second nature. So keep pushing.

What types of models do you look for when shooting adverts?

Above all, professionalism is key with my models. There should be a clear stream of communication and certain standard of quality. The looks come after.

How do you stay current on design trends and integrate them into your line?

I stay connected to other brands by always viewing them as the competition. The thing is, we learn most from our competition – that’s why we study our opponents during war and strive to understand them. It’s the ideal instinct to survival. Always checking out their latest collections and projects, I’m able to keep a fresh vision for the brand. However, I find keeping current with oneself is always the key to keeping it as innovative as possible.


What are the top 3 tips you have for aspiring designers looking to start their own line?

  1.  NEVER give up.
  2. Keep humble and remain meek.
  3. Plan B is to work on Plan A.


What’s one of your biggest fears?

Failing those that honor me highly, as well as messing up on minor details. Understand we’re all imperfect and the more you grow, the harder it gets because we’re getting better. But I like to keep in mind that practice doesn’t make perfect, rather perfect practice makes perfect.

What’s something nobody knows about you that you’d like to share?

I sometimes suffer from F.O.B.

Who do you want to give a shoutout to?

A unique photographer I’d like to give a shoutout to is a real good buddy of mine, Bernard Alexander, who has shot many of my photos. His eye for detail and storytelling is what inspires me to work with him. We go back to college days – there’s a story behind every friendship, and ours has been genuine and productive from the start. He’s my kind of stand up guy – check out his work.

Bernard Alexander

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Why haven’t you done it?

I’ve always wanted to create a video game for PlayStation or Xbox or some other major gaming company. While in high school, I took 3D Graphics and elective game design courses to help me learn the programs. Unfortunately, realizing how difficult it was to code while balancing my commitments to football made it challenging to commit to it at that time.

What is the most life-changing event that you’ve experienced?

Seeing one of my closest friends have a baby. This person and I are like blood in and blood out. We kicked it everyday and went through some tough bumps together. The way things and people change after having their own mini creation is inspiring.

What’s your greatest failure, and how did you overcome it?

One of my biggest failures was when my GPA in high school wasn’t high enough for me to play football for THE SEASON. I was heavily devastated as playing football was what kept me interested in school. But I had a conversation with myself and tightened up. You can’t do the great things you want by doing half ass work – it’s all a balance.

What’s your greatest achievement, and how has it shaped you?

Every time I get a compliment for designs and the product, it’s honestly an achievement for me. It just tells me I’m doing something right and motivates me to keep doing it. Making it better and that makes me focus on exactly that.

For anyone who wants to get in touch with Madison, here’s some contact information:

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Madison, thank you for sharing your story with us!

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