A life-changing diagnosis of MS prompted Vasi to turn her passion for photography into a full-fledged career. Her health serves as a constant reminder that each day is a gift, and she’s making the most of it by capturing the beauty of life. Check her story out below.

 Say hello to Vasi:


Where are you from?

I’m from Switzerland, and I partly live in NYC. Plus, I travel a lot.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

New York. It’s a melting pot of cultures and you can never predict what happens tomorrow, because everything is possible. Plus, there are tons of locations to shoot.


How would you describe your visual style?

I keep emphasis on naturalness. Less is more!

How do you find your inspiration?

I get inspired by situations, and just letting the life be life.

You received a life-changing diagnosis of MS – tell us how it affects your career. 

The difficulty is in finding the balance between my power and work. Often times, I have fatigue, and life is all about arranging myself.

You photograph a lot of prominent musicians – how did you become immersed in the music scene?

My works talk for me…apparently, excellently with musicians.

What types of photography do you do?

I’m good at portraits, reportage, and mood shoots. I am able to show the authenticity of the people without filtering. I capture life.

What is the strangest situation you’ve ever faced as a photographer?

Sometimes, it’s strange having grown up to a musician that you now have in front of your lens. Shooting famous people in the streets of NYC. Everything can happen. 

What has been your biggest setback as a photographer?

My health shows me the borders. I fight every day to be one with my body, because my head and body don’t speak the same language sometimes.

Of the photos you’ve taken, which three are your favorites?

Rakim, because of his aura. Easy Mo Bee, because it is a very characteristic shot. Cityscapes of New York, because I get a lot of feedback on them.


Photography is competitive. How do you stand out?

I relate with the people, 100%. Each and every one has something special! I want to capture their character and let people feel comfortable.

What’s the best advice you can think of for someone just starting in photography?

There is no right or wrong. You need to feel it, that’s all. And please don’t think you have the wrong camera, you might not have enough passion!

What is the best thing a model can do to make the most of a photoshoot?

Lots of different poses – the model and photographer get the most out of the shoot.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be? 

Sylvester Stallone, because he’s one of my inspirations.

Who was the most unforgettable person you’ve ever met?

Stevie Wonder. No words needed.

Who do you want to give a shoutout to?

To all the landscape photographers in the world and Naomi Campbell. A big shoutout to all my supporters!!!

What’s your philosophy when it comes to being a great photographer?

Being authentic and transparent. There is always a solution.

How do you bring out your model’s personality in a shoot?

I consider with the People 100%. As clearer the Visons of the Client or Model, as better I can transform.


What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back in your photography?

My power going down, day by day.

What’s the most inspiring photographer you’ve ever seen?

My most inspirational photographer is James Nachtwey.

What photography advice do you wish you had when you were first starting out?

If people criticize you because what you’re doing isn’t how “everyone else” does things, then you’re probably on the right path.

What are 3 tips do you have for aspiring photographers?

Be authentic and be yourself. Photography is art, and it gets seen different ways by different people. Don’t worry about your camera. Make your own choices and never talk about your business. Let your work speak for itself.

What kind of gear do you have?

Canon Mark II/III & Fujifilm XT1 + XT2. The Canon is best for portrait. Fujifilm is best for daily snapshots (small, smart, sexy).

What’s one tip you’d like to share with other photographers?

Get the right people in the right locations.

Do you have any projects you’d like to show off?

There is a big worldwide project in the making, but I will reveal it is 100% done. I support several helping-projects worldwide.


What is your most life-changing event?

The MS diagnosis.

What has photography done for you as a person?  How has it changed you?

It helped me create a new life after my diagnosis.

Who’s your biggest hero in your life?

Sylvester Stallone.

What’s one of your biggest fears?

Loosing the fight against MS.

What will you be doing five years from now?

All the way up. Nothing can stop me.


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V, thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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