Gabriela Zula

In the competitive modeling industry, it’s not easy to stand out – Gabriela here shares her words of wisdom from her experience. Check out her story below.

Say hello to Gabriela:

Where are you from? Where have you been?

I was born in Guatemala and moved to the Dominican Republic when I was 11. At the age of 16, I moved to Italy to then go back to the Dominican Republic, and after a year, I moved to Montreal, Canada to pursue my studies.

What’s your favorite picture of yourself? Can you tell the story behind it?

This photo will always be my favorite. It reminds me of home and it was shot in the Dominican Republic at my favorite beach. I was not faking my laugh – I was truly having an amazing time where I could relax and everything was calm.

Modeling is very competitive. How do you stand out?

One should always act in the most professional way. For example, be on time, do your routine the day before, sleep well, and hydrate. When a photographer has to do a lot of Photoshop on your photos, he would likely just perceive you as someone hard to work with because of all the work he has to do post-processing.

If I am going to do something, I’ll do it right or not do it at all.

What’s been the most challenging part of modeling, and how did you overcome those challenges?

I believe that the most challenging part of modeling are the stereotypes that people have created about the job. I am 5 feet tall and that does not mean I cannot be a model. Young girls that have not considered modeling because of the height struggle should know – it is possible.

What is the best thing a photographer can do to bring out your personality?

Share stories and get to know each other well before shooting. Just a five-minute talk about the personal life can create a huge difference.

What are the top 3 tips you have for aspiring models?

1. It is not easy, so work hard.

2. Take care of yourself, eat well, and care for your skin.

3. Be wise when deciding who to shoot with and what type of image you want to create for yourself publicly.

For anyone that wants to get in touch with Gabriela, here’s some contact information:

FStop: Profile

Instagram: @gabrielazula

Gabriela, thank you for the candid interview – it was a pleasure.

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